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Community Benefits Package for Tampa Bay Rays Project headed to City Council for Review

The Community Benefits Advisory Council granted its initial approval to a transformative proposal involving the sale of approximately 65 acres near a new ballpark. The mixed-use community, part of the Historic Gas Plant District project, received a qualified nod with a 7-2 vote. The Advisory Council, comprising appointed community members and a City Council representative, meticulously scrutinized the $50 million package proposed by the Rays and Hines.

Community Benefits Advisory Council | Courtesy St. Pete TV

The Rays' proposal outlines a comprehensive plan with promises of affordable housing initiatives, support for cultural institutions like the Woodson African American Museum of Florida, and opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses. During the deliberation, the Council responded to community concerns with prudence. Last-minute amendments included calls for the $50 million package, intended to support the community, to adjust with inflation. Additionally, accountability measures were strengthened, imposing an accelerated timeline for affordable housing construction and heightened penalties for non-compliance.

Artist rendering of the Historic Gas Plant Project | Courtesy  

As the project unfolds, vigilance remains paramount. Council Member Muhammad stands committed to scrutinizing every detail to ensure promises made are promises kept. Your insights are invaluable in shaping the trajectory of our community. Subscribe to our newsletter for future opportunities to share your thoughts on this journey moving forward. Together, let's chart a course toward a more vibrant and inclusive St. Petersburg!

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