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Melrose-Mercy: You're Up! Let's Help Shape the Future of the Neighborhood🌟

Friends, Family and Neighbors of Melrose-Mercy, It's time to speak up and make a difference! Council Member Muhammad and the City of St. Petersburg is inviting YOU to play a role in deciding what the future of our neighborhood looks like and update Your Neighborhood Plan!

🏡 Your Opinion on Housing, Business, Environment, Education, and Safety Counts!

This survey asks about things that matter most to you – like good homes, jobs, safety, and more. It's based on the commuity conversations from December 2021, and now, we need your take on what's most important for our community.

🚀 Be a Part of Making Things Better!

This survey isn't just questions; it's your chance to help decide what happens next in our community. Your thoughts are important, and by taking part, you can help make Melrose-Mercy even better.

🔗 Take the Survey NOW!

Everyone's Voice Matters!

Thanks for being a part of our awesome community. CLICK HERE to see if you're in Melrose-Mercy, and let's use the survey to make our neighborhood even more amazing! #MelroseMercyVoices #CommunityViews #ShapeOurFuture #D7Speaks

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