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Online Feedback requested for Community Benefits on Historic Gas Plant Redevelopment Project

Building on the engagement momentum, St. Petersburg residents now have an extended opportunity to submit feedback on the Community benefits of the Historic Gas Plant District redevelopment. This follows the in-person event held on December 13, ensuring that everyone, including those who may have missed the live session, can still provide valuable input.

Residents are encouraged to:

1. Online Submissions: From December 14 - December 31, residents can submit feedback to the Community Benefits Advisory Council (CBAC) through an online form at

2. CBAC Meetings Scheduled in 2024: Additional CBAC meetings are scheduled in January, allowing for more public comment. The dates are set for January 9, 16, 23, and 30.

Rendering of future Rays stadium. 

About the Community Benefits Advisory Council (CBAC)

The CBAC, a non-partisan board, advises Mayor Kenneth T. Welch, City Council, and St. Petersburg citizens on community benefits related to the Historic Gas Plant Redevelopment. Recently expanded, the CBAC now includes ad hoc members directly involved in the Gas Plant District Project.

Current CBAC Members:

  • Ruth Whitney, Standing Member

  • Jason Mathis, Standing Member

  • Bruce Nissen, Standing Member

  • Esther Matthews, Standing Member

  • Brooks Wallington, Ad Hoc Member for Historic Gas Plant District Project

  • Gloria Campbell, Ad Hoc Member for Historic Gas Plant District Project

  • Debbie Reeser, Ad Hoc Member for Historic Gas Plant District Project

  • Karyn Mueller, Ad Hoc Member for Historic Gas Plant District Project

Community Benefits Overview

Community benefits encompass a broad spectrum, from affordable housing and sustainability efforts to small business support and intentional equity commitments.

The proposed $50 million commitment covers:

1. Housing ($15 million): Dedicated to existing City of St. Petersburg programs supporting housing opportunities at various affordability levels.

2. Small Business ($13 million): Allocated to support business incubation, ownership, and placement opportunities on the site, with a focus on minority/women-owned businesses and current South St. Petersburg residents and businesses.

3. Employment ($3.75 million): Committed to internships, mentorship/apprentice programs during the construction phase, and small business ownership and employment opportunities during the ongoing operation of the site.

4. Education ($17.5 million): Dedicated to financial investments supporting existing educational programs in South St. Petersburg, spanning daycare to postsecondary, vocational, technical, and STEM programs. Includes the realization of the proposed Booker Music Hall venue and integration of community, cultural, and civic uses.

5. Outreach ($750,000): Funding outreach initiatives through a thoughtful, inclusive process, including online tools, public town halls, community and youth steering committees. A welcome center will also be erected on the site to serve as a resource for local residents and businesses to connect to opportunities.

The Hines Historic Gas Plant Partnership pledges to honor the legacy of the historic Gas Plant neighborhood by working with community members to identify and incorporate historic mementos, along with art and design features, including new connections and enhancements to the African American Heritage Trail.

For detailed information on the Historic Gas Plant District Redevelopment and CBAC, visit and Participate, share your thoughts, and stay engaged in shaping the future of our community!

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