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A Community Update: What's Happening on 22nd Ave S between 34th & 49th Street?

Dear Community Members,

We're thrilled to share an exciting update regarding the activity along 22nd Ave S, spanning from 34th Street to 49th Street. This vibrant stretch is currently undergoing a significant transformation as part of the ongoing sidewalk and resurfacing project.

Initiated through a collaborative effort between the County, Forward Pinellas, and the City of St. Petersburg, this endeavor is set to redefine the landscape of a major throughfare in our District. At its core, the project aims to enhance safety, accessibility, and convenience for all residents.

Infrastructure work happening in front of Thurgood Marshall Middle School on 22nd Ave S & 38th Street | Photo courtesy Evan Mory

Among the key highlights are the introduction of a continuous sidewalk, upgraded curb ramps, and widened roadways to accommodate smoother traffic flow. These enhancements are not just about infrastructure; they're about fostering a safer and more connected community.

As we march forward with construction, we remain committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as we continue to shape a brighter future for 22nd Ave S and beyond.

Important Features of the Project:

  • Continuous Sidewalks: Bridging existing gaps to provide safer pedestrian pathways.

  • Curb Ramp Upgrades: Ensuring accessibility for all community members.

  • Widened Roadways: Creating space for improved traffic flow and enhanced safety.

  • Median Pedestrian Refuge: A new center median with flashing beacons for safer Skyway Trail crossings.

  • Left Turn Addition: East-bound turn lane for smoother traffic management around Thurgood Marshall Middle School.

While construction is currently underway, the project has several components and requires about 12 more months of work. Your safety and convenience, especially for students and parents of Thurgood Marshall Middle, remain our top priorities. Thank you for your patience and pardon our dust.

Warm regards,

Brother John Muhammad

St. Pete City Council Member, District 7

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