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🌳 **Rooted in Unity: Live Oaks Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting! 🌳

On the North West Side of District 7, the Live Oaks Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting proved that size doesn't determine impact and their monthly gathering at 5200 Burlington Ave N radiated community spirit. Held on the First Tuesday of every Month at 6:30 pm, neighbors from 49th to 58th Street, between 5th Ave N and Central Ave, convened to strengthen their bonds.

One highlight from the meeting was the announcement of a holiday food drive, a testament to their commitment to uplifting the community. If you live in the area, Your support can make a significant difference.

Council Member Muhammad recognizes the importance of such grassroots initiatives in fostering a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. That's why he continues to amplify D7's Neighborhood voices and support their efforts.

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