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Let the Voters Speak: St. Petersburg City Council member seeks public vote on Rays stadium

In a democracy, the voice of the people matters, and one St. Petersburg City Council member, Richie Floyd, is determined to make sure that voice is heard when it comes to the proposed new Tampa Bay Rays stadium. He's on a mission to ask the voters a crucial question: Should the public subsidize a portion of the cost for the stadium's construction?

"As a community organizer, advocate, and current council member, I have always prioritized community engagement, co-governance, and elevating the voice of the people in the decision-making process, and I support this proposal," Council Member Muhammad emphasized.

Floyd is pushing for a straw poll on the stadium agreement, set to be included on the March 19, 2024, presidential preference primary ballot. This bold move could be a game-changer, and the City Council is set to decide whether to discuss it on November 9.

In-touch: This proposal is hands-on, active in the community, and collaborative with constituents. It ensures that the people's voices are not only heard but actively involved in such a critical decision.

Inclusive: Conducting a straw poll will ensure every constituent gets a seat at the table and a chance to voice their opinion, ensuring inclusivity and representation.

Innovation: Floyd's approach embraces an innovative way to gauge public opinion, using new ideas and technologies to make the process more effective and efficient.

Intentional Equity: The straw poll will ensure that equity is incorporated into the decision-making process, benefiting the entire community rather than just a select few.

Informed Decision Making: This proposal aligns with informed decision-making by relying on best practices, facts, and the city's history, allowing for a well-informed, data-driven choice.

Community Impact: It all comes down to improving the quality of life for the people of St. Petersburg. Letting the voters decide ensures that the community's well-being remains at the forefront of the Rays stadium deal.

Join the Conversation:

Your voice matters! Do you agree with Council Member Floyd's proposal to let the voters decide the fate of the Rays stadium deal? We'd love to hear your thoughts and engage in a lively discussion on this important community issue.

Photo Credit: Douglass R. Clifford |Times - Click here for the Tampa Bay Times Article

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