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New City Funding Available for St. Pete Homeowners Impacted by Hurricane Idalia

St. Petersburg, FL (January 11, 2024) - The City of St. Petersburg has recently received $600,000 from the State of Florida to assist homeowners impacted by Hurricane Idalia. The funding will be dispersed to eligible applicants through the City’s existing Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program with eligibility temporarily expanded to include hurricane-related needs.

"I am grateful for the tireless work of our entire Pinellas Delegation on behalf of the St. Petersburg communities impacted by Hurricane Idalia," said Mayor Kenneth T. Welch. "The passage of HB 1C provides significant relief and additional funding to residents in our coastal communities still recovering from this serious storm. As the 2024 State Legislative Session commences, I look forward to working with our representatives in Tallahassee to ensure that recovery and resiliency remain priorities over the coming weeks."

Funding will be awarded through the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program as a forgivable loan secured by a recorded mortgage and promissory note up to $100,000. This is a zero percent (0%) interest rate loan with five, 10, and 15 year loan terms.


To be eligible for funding, applicants must have been impacted by Hurricane Idalia. Additionally, applicant income is limited to 30%, 50%, 80, and 120% Area Median Income (AMI), as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


More information and the application can be found at Questions can be directed to the City of St. Petersburg’s Housing and Community Development Department at 727-893-7247.

These disaster funds may be used for:
  1. Rehabilitation, new construction, or any other eligible activities as provided under Florida Statutes or as authorized by the city. Assistance will only be provided for repairs not covered by insurance or other disaster programs;

  2. Purchase of emergency supplies for eligible households to weatherproof damaged homes;

  3. Interim repairs to avoid further damage; tree and debris removal required to make the individual housing unit habitable;

  4. Payment of insurance deductibles for rehabilitation of homes covered under homeowners' insurance policies;

  5. Rental and utility assistance for eligible applicants; and

  6. Mortgage and utility assistance for eligible applicants.

Flooding from Hurricane Idalia inundates St. Petersburg's Shore Acres neighborhood. Photo: Kelly Sycz-Bayers, Facebook

About the Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program

The Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program is an existing city program that provides funding for residents needing repairs to their homes for code compliance, safety, and accessibility. Depending on need and eligibility, funding is available through Home Repair Loans or the Accessibility Assistance Program.  Home Repair Loans provide the homeowner with the funding to remove health and safety risks from the home and to correct code violations to an owner-occupied residence. The Accessibility Assistance Program helps physically, visually or hearing impaired homeowners or renters with financial assistance to construct and install ramps, grab bars, chair lifts, accessible counters, widened doorways, notification lights, buzzers, and other supporting fixtures that render a home accessible for persons with disabilities.

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