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Understanding Changes on 34th Street S: A Quick Look at the Resurfacing and Lane Repurposing Project

Curious about the what's happening on 34th Street South between 22nd and 54th Avenues? Let's dive into the ongoing resurfacing project, a notable shift that's altering the landscape without the fanfare.

For those who don't know, back in April 2019, a public meeting opened discussions on proposed road design concepts. The corridor, was running at less than half its capacity, faced challenges like high speeds and an average of 148 crashes annually between 22nd and 54th Avenues S since 2013, resulting in three fatalities.

The proposed solution suggested repurposing outside lanes for bus use and business access—a move aimed at making the area safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. Now, in 2023, the project is underway, bringing about practical changes such as wider sidewalks and enhanced pedestrian crosswalks.

Why Attend Public Input Meetings?

Attending public input meetings isn't about grand gestures and taking selfies; it's about having a say in changes that directly affect you. The 2019 meeting allowed over 50 community members to voice concerns and ideas. Whether you're enthusiastic about the changes or feel stuck with them, these meetings provide a vital platform for residents to be heard before decisions are finalized.

Your input matters. Whether you contribute to the initial discussions or not, these meetings are held to obtain your perspective is part of the decision-making process. It's a chance to actively contribute to the development of your community, offering insights that might not have been considered.

As 34th Street South undergoes changes, we are well aware that not everyone feels like they had a say in this project. This is why Council Member Muhammad constantly stresses the importance of an informed public, and highlights the need for community engagement before projects are set in motion; so please show up, when you can.

Changes Summarized: 34th Street South between 22nd & 54th Avenue

  • Outside lanes are being repurposed for buses (like the Sun Runner)

  • Wider sidewalks ranging from six to ten feet are being put it

  • Enhanced pedestrian crosswalks are on the way

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