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Navigating St. Petersburg's Rental Landscape: The Newly Released Renters Guide

The City of St. Petersburg has recently released a comprehensive Renters Guide, reflecting their commitment to upholding safe housing standards and providing tenant protections to discourage evictions. Spearheaded by Codes Compliance Assistance Director, Joe Waugh and his team, this initiative focuses on the "Assistance" part of Codes Compliance and assisting renters without the need for additional staff.

The Renters Guide is a valuable resource developed as part of a strategic repurposing of existing roles within the Codes Compliance Assistance Department. The importance of preventing evictions can not be overstated, and this guide serves as a practical tool to help navigate the city's rental landscape.

You can download a copy of the St. Petersburg Guide for Renters Here:

Renters' Rights & Eviction Resources Booklet_2023
Download PDF • 40.51MB
Renters' Rights & Eviction Resources Flyer_2023_01
Download PDF • 1.64MB

Additional Resources for Renter:

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